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MPreg RP

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[08 Nov 2004|05:17pm]

Okay this is so frustrating... I got people who said they wanted to be in the rp, but they haven't gotten back to me with journals or aim sn's... so if ANYONE is watching this community that wanted to be in the rp PLEASE get back to me with that info. Thanks.

Also, there's only two active rpers, including myself. Pleeaassee to the other two people who have aim sn's and journals, rp. I hope people actually read this...
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[02 Nov 2004|10:07am]

Okay so rp starts today now that we got enough players. Here's the aim sn's I've got so far.

Pete-xPetey Rabbitx
Stuart-streamline stu
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[30 Oct 2004|10:53pm]

Okay so basically what I need everyone to do is email me


and send me this information.

Your LJ sn
Your AIM sn
Your Email
Just in case I need to contact you for any reason

Your characters LJ sn
Your characters AIM sn

If you haven't done all this already, thanks.
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